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Working American Bulldogs

Are you an experienced working dog handler? Have you titled dogs to a 1, 2, or 3 in your chosen sport? Have you ever considered giving an "off breed" a try? Here at Ferocia Kennels, we strive to place our pups in experienced working homes. We are always looking for co-owners for our working pick puppies. What does that mean? It means we give puppies to people that will train and title them! Interested?


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What is Mondioring?


Mondioring is an international dog sport consisting of obedience, jumps, and protection. It is an excellent test of the mental and physical soundness of a working dog.



Here at Ferocia Kennels, we do not place dogs as "pets" in the average home. We breed dogs with high drive and high energy that do best with an experienced handler. 

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